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Welcome to my public Offroad and Enduro page :)

Here you can find some impressions, on film, in stories, with DIY tips and other fun stuf

A journey through time with all bikes that have been important


Important dealers /


The committed touch with everything I need for my rally project, everyday driving and for all the different competitions that are... Tanks !!

On my 50th birthday I received a Yamaha TT600R 2003 Just over 4 years ago

"Super Offroad blueprint"

Winter 2012/13. A building project who started February 2013 and first start at Adventure Rally June 16 the same year. Modified and optimized further to Masrallyt Dalarna in September.

Many were we ... Ho was really impressed and amazed by the bike's incredible capasity ...

A personal story over 4 years and 40 - 50,000 km in saddle on several cool enduro / offroad bikes.

A journey ho after a short and intense first autumn, with a quiet winter, order to early spring. Already in May begins with an unexpected and completely altering meeting on a dirt road in Dalarna. Here I meet the old man from Norway.

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